Each of Xpan’s services is strategically aligned to add value to your learning and development goals. Together and holistically, our services add up to a learning experience that increases retention, performance and engagement.

  • Interactive Courseware

    This is the core of Xpan's services. Offering much more than eLearning, our team has experience developing attractive, functional and engaging interactive content for self-paced asynchronous and blended learning. From basic page-turning content to immersive interactive online learning, we have what it takes to deliver innovative, cost-effective and efficient eLearning solutions. Xpan's production team develops eLearning content across any platform using virtually any authoring tool for any LMS. Yes, we're that good.

  • Simulations

    Realism, accuracy, and immersive content are key drivers of any eLearning course.

    A meaningful representation of learning scenarios keeps learners fully engaged, resulting in optimum gains in competency and proficiency.

    For safety training, simulations are not only cost efficient but can exponentially reduce the risk of injury.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

    Virtual Realty (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions combine the physical world with virtual environments.

    Whether you’re training for a mission on Mars or deep sea exploration, we can create VR and AR solutions that fully engage learners in a virtual environment, allowing them to safely explore new, risky or even non-existent situations.

    These solutions also make it possible for multiple users around the globe to collaborate and learn in the same virtual space.

  • Animation and 3D Production

    Let our artists and animators enhance your courseware with sophisticated visuals, using the latest technology in 3D animation and renderings.

    A 3D host or hostess, or other animated character, can add a level of personalization that captures and maintains your learners' attention.

  • Voiceovers and Audio Production

    An eLearning narrator does more than simply voice your course. They set the appropriate pace and tone to guide learners through the content, and help keep them motivated and engaged.

    So it’s important to choose the right one – a voice your learners can relate to.

    Working with the most experienced voice talent in the industry, we select the best one for your project, and enhance the audio with music and sound effects as needed.

  • Videography

    Sometimes there is no substitute for showing real-life scenes happening in real time. High-definition video provides a familiar “cinematic” experience that immerses your learners in any situation.

    Our videographers and video editors take your project to the next level with professional, engaging video to explain and illustrate a process or scenario from every possible angle and point of view.

  • Translation and Localization

    Xpan can deploy solutions globally to most countries and in most languages.

    Each culture has its nuances. When you need to transfer unified knowledge to a global audience, our language and cultural localization experts have you covered.

    We use proven, locally experienced experts to ensure that your digital knowledge solution remains accurate in any country and in any language.